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The figure will be updated every day at 12:00 p.m. EST (16:00 UTC) on the mining company's home page in a bid to improve transparency.
The blockchain and smart transaction platform will supply technical services for the Central American country’s climate change metrics system.
The Ethereum co-founder has spoken about ensuring developers do what he considers the right things with their projects, but he would be better off accepting where the platform’s users lead, imperfections and all.
Alex Gladstein describes how Bitcoin offered entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Sudan and Ethiopia a much-needed, financial resource for helping their families and communities throughout their countries.

The company's core operating services helped offset the fall in prices.

The country’s multibillion-dollar remittances business and difficulties in transferring money create a “unique opportunity," the company said.
The eNaira was developed by fintech company Bitt, whose digital currency management system is also behind the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s CBDC.
Users who must use QR codes should verify transaction details before finally confirming the transaction to save themselves money and headaches.
Over 71,000 ether were burned on Sunday amid demand for a new NFT project. But that did little to affect ether prices as the broader market traded flat.
Jaimin is the CEO & co-founder of Reconcile, a real-time tax planning app for accountants and their DIY investing clients. He also helps connect crypto investors with expert tax professionals. This post is part of pages Tax Week.
Featuring Adam Pokornicky, COO of Digital Asset Investment Management; Andy Edstrom, financial adviser and investor at WESCAP Group; and Sunayna Tuteja, head of digital assets at TD Ameritrade.
A net $127 million went into digital-asset funds during the week ended March 4, with minor outflows in Europe and large inflows in the Americas.
When a prominent stablecoin and the token that backs it failed, the broader ecosystem certainly was dealt a blow, but ultimately it is surviving.
A partnership between Coinbase NFT and 0x protocol has sent the ZRX token soaring, with a 47% rally over the past 24-hours.
Bitcoin cash devs are fighting over what code changes to make next. If no one compromises, hard-forked coin could itself split into two.
The payments firm formerly known as Square took note of a slowdown in business in January due to the Omicron variant, but a growth recovery thus far in February.
The baseball card company, fresh on the heels of announcing plans to go public, is launching official MLB collectibles on the Wax blockchain later this month.

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Elias Ahonen, Author at my website

The blockchain center at the University of Wyoming will feature a Plutus development facility, providing blockchain developers with an applied laboratory for writing code in cardano's smart-contract language.

Move-to-earn: An active play-to-earn offshoot

Marcel Lötscher, previously a senior official at the country's financial market supervisor, will become head of regulatory strategy for the global crypto exchange in October.
A budding movement within the crypto industry says it can keep carbon out of the atmosphere by locking it on a blockchain. Can it succeed?
The Livepeer infrastructure functions as a “token coordinating network,” incentivizing those with computing power to join and match the needs of those looking to stream.
As cryptocurrency investors look to GameFi as the industry’s latest vertical, experts warn gaming and crypto’s most important markets will provide regulatory challenges for the industry.
With contributions from Filipino-American rapper Allan Pineda Lindo, the First Mint Fund helps mint NFTs for aspiring artists in Southeast Asia. Leah Callon-Butler meets volunteer-manager AJ Dimarucot.
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The exchanges would operate in the Astana International Financial Centre in cooperation with the Kazakhstani banks and government agencies.
With ether hitting another all-time-high, leading the way for other alternative tokens, and a look at into an opinion piece on how to dismantle the post-9/11 security state, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
MetaMask and Infura raised Crypto Twitter’s ire after accidentally blocking some users from its service to comply with new U.S. sanctions.
With bitcoin steadying below $30,000, and a look at the human costs of speculation, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Vitalik Buterin Talks Scalability: ‘Ethereum Blockchain Is Almost Full’

Three Arrows Capital's decision last week to move its headquarters to Dubai reflects growing concerns about the city-state's increasing regulatory scrutiny of crypto; bitcoin returns to where it started the weekend.
Last updated: 22 February, 2018 SegWit (short for Segregated Witness) is a protocol upgrade that changes the way data is stored. It was activated on litecoin on May 10, 2017, and on bitcoin on 23 August, 2017. Developer Pieter Wiulle first presented the idea at the Scaling Bitcoin conference in December 2015. Many hailed it […]
Tribal will use the money to continue building out its teams in Latin America, and also plans to release some crypto-related products later this year.
Armed with multimillion-dollar ecosystem funds, chains like Polygon and Kadena are trying to woo coders whose work is endangered by Terra’s meltdown.
Amazon Web Services' China unit is partnering with blockchain project Qtum to develop blockchain-as-a-service solutions for enterprises.
The company aims to simplify the procurement process for high-performance ASIC mining computers for both institutional and retail customers.
With so many tokens on the market, my page speaks to Boost VC, Compound VC and Pantera Capital to find out which they consider worth investing in.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) | PancakeSwap Price Index

IEOs are some of the hottest crypto investments of 2019, with many having already provided triple-digit returns. Better yet, there may be a way to help predict their price movements.
An introduction to crypto bridges, self-repaying loans, synthetic securities and more. This is the fourth and final part of a series on understanding DeFi.
China's two biggest cloud mining platforms plan to go public on the Nasdaq via SPAC deals this year, at a time when crypto and broader markets have pulled back from their peaks.
Coinbase's apparent move into media is part of a trend of crypto companies developing their own content. Is this a good thing for the industry?
The new WoW Foundation will use the funding to invest in education and mentorship to increase female participation in Web 3 and the metaverse.

First comes education, then comes certification.

Remember CMGI Field? More like NGMI field.

Whether you're a first-time crypto user or a veteran trader, it's easy to get confused over crashes and corrections when both terms are thrown around so frequently.
Basis Cash, an algorithmic stablecoin project founded by the anonymous “Rick” and “Morty” in 2020, was actually the work of Terraform Labs employees.
Loans will range from $1 million to $25 million and be offered to publicly traded companies with less than $250 million in market capitalization.
A my page review of privacy policies from two dozen major crypto exchanges found the industry collects a wealth of personal information about users. Some disclose more about their practices than others.

Near Protocol (NEAR) | Near Protocol Price Index

Consensus 2022 by my page, our festival experience June 9-12 in Austin, Texas, features Sam Bankman-Fried, Abby Johnson, Meltem Demorirs, Mike Novogratz and hundreds more.
The Rainmaker program aims to bring more liquidity to Ethereum and Polygon-based decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems.
The global job cuts will impact about 25% of the company's workforce and come after plans by a company founded by BitMEX executives to buy a German bank fell through in March.
La empresa se enfocará en sus operaciones actuales en Argentina, México y Perú, y pondrá freno al plan de expansión a otros países.
While CEXs typically charge higher fees than their decentralized counterparts, they are often more secure and easier to use.
The technical lead for one of DeFi’s most prominent protocols is out after weeks of controversy and a 50% drop in the price of SUSHI over the last month.
The ERC-721R standard guarantees refunds for non-fungible tokens, offering greater security for buyers and legitimacy for creators. But risks remain for both sides of the trade.
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